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Günther Juergens

We are happy to present in our Online-Gallery work from Günther Juergens.

The artist is an enthusiastic admirer of Baden-Baden and captured some of the most beautiful impressions of the town.

His impressionist style reflects the town's style and glamour.

His paintings are of a very high artistic standard - but are affordable.

They range in price from 390 Euro upwards.
All paintings are originals with high quality frames.
(The prices of the paintings are with the frames).

Günther Juergens works and lives near Baden-Baden

Günther Juergens

Günther Juergens was born in 1935 in Berlin and studied at the Academy for Graphic Design, Print and Advertising in Berlin.

After that he occupied leading positions in the advertising industry and in media companies.

He has been painting since 1957.
He received advanced artistic training from Max-Michael Holst in Buchholz and from Wolfgang Lämmle,

Günther Juergens initiated the "Edition Outdoor-Art" and won prizes in painting competitions.

He has lived in Berlin, Hamburg, London and Bad Herrenalb, Ortenau.

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